Initial Consultation: Meeting with the Nutritional Practitioner

1.5 hours
Fee: $275

This comprehensive appointment includes: 

+90 minute Initial Consultation- health history, goals, and expectations
+7-day food diary analysis
+Nutri-Q health assessment
+Customized supplement, nutrition & lifestyle recommendations
**Please submit your client forms at least 72 hours before your appointment.

3 Nourishing Bowl Package: 4 months10 sessions
 Fee: $1500

Session 1 : Initial consultation (90 min)
+ Sessions 2- 5: FOUR week Nutritional Therapy Course (45 min)-
learn about nutrient dense diet, digestion, blood sugar, and healthy fats.
+ Session 6: This session occurs when lab results are available.
Custom therapeutic protocol. (60 min)
+ Session 7: Success Check In (30 min)- occurs two weeks after Session 6
+ Session 8: Success Check In (30 min)- occurs two weeks after Session 7
+ Session 9: Retesting and review of health goals (45 min)
+ Session 10: Graduation (45 min)
+ Discount on supplements- 15%
+ Email support unlimited

Functional nutrition testing * - lab fees are not included in the session packages. These are an additional client cost.

Sessions expire after 180 days. Please make sure to use the Better Practice Portal to book your sessions.

Follow up Support Session:
Fee: $150
+ 1 hour support session for established clients

Please call or email for pricing on the following:
+ Whole family support
+ Traditional foods cooking
+ Postpartum support
+ Kitchen makeover/ pantry
+ Grocery shopping/Farmers Market Outing
+ Supplement support