Initial Consultation: Meeting with the Nutritional Practitioner

1.5 hours
Fee: $275

This comprehensive appointment includes: 

+60 minute Initial Consultation
+30 minute Success Check In
+3-day food diary analysis
+Nutri-Q health assessment
+Customized supplement, nutrition & lifestyle recommendations

Please submit your client forms at least 72 hours before your appointment.

3 Nourishing Bowl Package: 3 months 
 Fee: $800

+ Initial consultation (see above) plus
+ Functional nutrition testing * 
+ Therapeutic protocol including 6 support sessions
+ Discount on supplements 15%
+ Email support unlimited
*Functional Nutrition Testing -fees are extra

Follow up Support Session:
Fee: $150
+ 1 hour support session

Please call or email for pricing on the following:
+ Whole family support
+ Traditional foods cooking
+ Postpartum support
+ Kitchen makeover/ pantry
+ Grocery shopping/Farmers Market Outing
+ Supplement support